About Us

The Hudson Project is a lifestyle brand and community based organization designed to make the world a better place through crowdsourced philanthropy, events, fundraisers, and online resources.

Our Beginning

The Hudson Project first got its start in June of 2016 by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer Nick Hudson after losing his grandmother to cancer in 2011. Originally named Mission: Smile, The Hudson Project was designed to be a feel-good company for anyone wanting to see a little good in their daily lives. The Hudson Project has now branched out and into many divisions E.G., providing funding for patients, hosting events, and providing crowdfunding in Bakersfield, Fresno, and Los Angeles.


Want to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Want to encourage philanthropy.


We can change the world.

Our Mission

Sometimes the world can be a cruel place, but we can make it better together by promoting philanthropy in cities all across the United States. It has been our mission to promote philanthropy through fundraising, events, and online resources to make the world a better place.

Where does the money go?

Stays Local

Our promise to you is that any money raised in your community, stays in your community through research, events, community development, etc.


Our main priority is to assist those in need. We achieve this priority by helping medical costs, travel costs, and any other expenses that someone might face.


Some funds go toward hosting events in order to raise more money. This might include venue rentals, catering, or any other event expenses.

Loving People.

Our Leaders

Our executive team oversees the daily operations of The Hudson Project. These individuals are dedicated to making the difference in the world.



Nick founded the Hudson Project in June of 2016 as part of a community service project. Nick has pushed his vision of wanting to make a positive impact in communities with the Hudson Project.


Vice President

Madi joined The Hudson Project in early 2017 as an events coordinator. After much hard work, Madi found herself serving the company as Vice President.


Emerson Photographer

Emerson joined The Hudson Project in early 2018 as our partnered photographer. She is a fun, loving individual that wants to make the best of every moment.

Want to work with us?

Do you want to get more involved with your community and The Hudson Project? Click the button to sign up and become a volunteer.