Dabs for Steph

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Dabs for steph

This is Stephanie. She is 20 and lives with her parents, sister and cat in Mobile, Alabama, where her boyfriend, Tim, visits on weekends.
She is a student at the University of Alabama and a member of the Million Dollar Band Colorguard.
But for the moment, Stephanie is not at the university. Her family is in a deep financial hole because of the cost of medical care for Stephanie. She has brain cancer.
Stephanie was at the end of her third semester at UA when she developed a headache. She pushed through school and rehearsals until the pain was so intense that she could not get out of bed. Her friends encouraged her to visit the local hospital, where the doctors sent her to Birmingham to see specialists, who ordered an MRI.
The MRI revealed a tumor sandwiched between the two hemispheres of her brain. Within days, surgeons removed the tumor.
Because of her surgery, Stephanie missed the opportunities to perform with the Colorguard at SEC championships, the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl, and the CFP National Championships.
Although she missed only one week of school, the surgery was during exams, so she lost the entire semester. She sat out the next semester for chemotherapy and radiation.
A follow-up MRI revealed a second tumor, and after a second surgery and a second round of chemo and radiation, another MRI showed the cancer had spread via her spinal fluid throughout her brain.
Stephanie endured a third round of treatment, and she was able to take the summer to recover. The cancer has not returned, and she is slowly returning to normal life.
Although Stephanie has been medically cleared to return to school, her medical bills and other unexpected costs have prevented her from doing so. Because of this, her family and teammates have come together to help her raise money to pay off her bills so she can return to school.
Stephanie has exhibited courage throughout her illness and her recovery. Stephanie always has been the person the rest of us look to for a smile and to remind us we can make it through the day.
Now we want to help her make it through her days. Please help us give back to her the best way we can.

Written by Madi arancibia

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